2024 and Beyond: Top 16 HR Influencers on LinkedIn You Need to Follow

2024 and Beyond: Top 20 HR Influencers on LinkedIn You Need to Follow

The HR world is constantly evolving, demanding that professionals stay informed on the latest trends and best practices. LinkedIn provides a fantastic platform to connect with industry thought leaders who share valuable insights. Here’s a curated list of HR influencers you should follow on LinkedIn in 2024, grouped by their areas of expertise, with links to their profiles:

Building Strong Company Cultures & Employee Engagement:

  • Claude Silver (CHRO at VaynerMedia): Champion for fostering strong company cultures and employee engagement.
  • Katie Burke (Chief People Officer at HubSpot): Leader in building positive employee experiences.
  • Greg Savage (Veteran HR Professional): Focuses on employee relations, leadership development, and building winning workplace cultures.
  • Lauri Ruettimann (Author and Speaker): Author and speaker on employee engagement and building winning workplaces.
  • Steve Browne (Chief People Officer at LaRosa’s): Advocate for employee ownership and building a positive work environment.

Talent Acquisition & The Future of Work:

  • David Green (Strategic HR Leader): Known for his thought leadership on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and the future of work.
  • Jackye Clayton (VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB at Textio): Advocates for DE&I initiatives within the talent acquisition process.
  • Jacob Morgan (Futurist and Author): A futurist and author who explores the future of work.
  • Jennifer Kim (Founder of Startup Recruiting Bootcamp): Empowers individuals with the skills to land jobs in the startup world.
  • Trish McFarlane (Leading Voice on the Future of Work): Explores trends like remote work and AI. Link to Trish McFarlane’s

HR Leadership & Strategy:

  • Dave Ulrich (Renowned Professor): Renowned professor with expertise in HR, business strategy, and leadership.
  • Debra Corey (Chief Pay It Forward Officer at DebCo HR): Passionate about building positive and purpose-driven workplaces.
  • Meghan Biro (Tech-Focused HR Leader): Shares insights on talent acquisition, remote teams, and HR technology.
  • Steve Boese (CHRO): CHRO with expertise in building high-performing teams and navigating complex HR challenges.
  • Tim Sackett (Former HR Executive): Author who offers advice on recruiting, hiring, and managing employees.

People-Centric HR & Technology:

  • Jessica Zwaan (COO at Whereby): Champions the use of technology to streamline HR processes and enhance the employee experience.

By following these HR influencers, you’ll gain access to valuable insights, industry trends, and practical tips to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of HR.

Article Written by Jacob Peebles, with research and assistance from EmployGPT